SUB2r has engineered out obsolescence and designed in

the ability to upgrade.  As we add new cameras such as VR, no

need to buy an entirely new camera, just swap out the camera board.


​​Passive (fan-less) cooling

Processing that much data generates a lot of heat.  

One thing you don’t want is your microphones picking up the whine of a cooling fan.

That’s why the entire housing is an integrated passive cooler.  

Inside there is a massive cooler for the SO-DIMM memory which

transfers the heat to the outer side rails.


 Customized non-distortion optics designed for broadcasters. 

​​​​​​“There’s a gap between webcams and DLSRs that nobody has fixed yet and that is 720p/1080p at 60FPS.”
--Andre Alves / TheSparrowsJourney

​Affordable Professional Broadcast Quality

Superior Resolution
1 080p up to 4K. Next up is VR. 

​​​​​Frame Rate
Locked up to 60 FPS.​

On Board Compression

4K @ 30 FPS is a lot of data, 7.6Gbps.

Reducing that to a level acceptable/manageable by

a host PC or platform requires compression. 

  • 2:1 reduction is required just to get over USB 3.0
  • 50:1 to upload on the best internet connection
  • 300:1 would be closer to most internet connections 


Compression requires a significant amount of CPU/GPU

and memory.  We’ve taken that load off the host and handle

that on-board.