We are also offering a couple of options at discounted pre-sale prices.

SFP+ HDMI module provides 1080p 60 ufps output. 

Optional M12 5.5mm f1.8 non-distortion glass lens for those who have less than perfect lighting conditions.

Both are currently only available for purchase with the camera.

Check out the wiki for details on both.


Why Buy Now?

  • We are offering  over $100 discount off the list price if you buy now
  • There will be a limited number of cameras built - this will ensure you get one of the first

Enter code "presale" when you check out to get your discount

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What will be included in the pre-sale?

  • SUB2r camera
  • 4K / 1080p camera module
  • Lens
  • USB A to C Cable
  • USB C to C cable
  • AC Adapter
  • V-Mount