At SUB2r we made a conscious decision to not follow the standard formula for hardware. Crunch it down to an ASIC with locked functions, make it inaccessible, build in obsolescence.

​Instead, we  built an upgradeable imaging platform that will evolve and grow.  

We built a solid foundation and tools to stream, to explore, and to innovate.

What will you create?

SUB2r - A Different Approach To Hardware

Design to be upgraded not obsoleted
Every aspect of the camera is designed to be upgraded.  Interchangeable key components include the lens, power optic modules, microphones, and the camera board.  As we add new image sensors, no need for a new camera, just snap in a new camera board.  As we improve the image pipeline, the firmware can be upgraded over USB 3.0.                     

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Our Vision


We built this camera for the Streamers, Video Content Creators, Broadcasters, Makers, Artist, Innovators and anyone who has a desire to explore digital imaging.  Our goal is to create a place for people to share their knowledge, experiences, and creations.                        

An Open Architecture Design
Until now, video cameras have been a black box, closed to innovation.  We took the opposite approach, and designed the camera giving the user access to every aspect of the imaging pipeline possible, from the moment the light enters the lens until it leaves the camera.                    

About 2r1y and SUB2r

We are a small self-funded hardware startup.  SUB2r is a spin off of our core technology, a high-density, high-speed, RGB 3D imaging, using a single illumination source and a single image sensor.  To develop the technology, we needed a camera that gave us complete control over every aspect of the imaging pipeline.  Unable to find one, we built our own.   Then we decided to share that camera with the world.